What we do at Triest

We have 8 departments where disabled we provide the disabled clients to learn on-going life skills and training. These skills and training enhance their quality of life as it improves their self-esteem, dignity, feelings of achievement etc.

Most of these articles are for sale and form part of one of the big fundraisers, the Christmas market, and the end of each year. This helps us self-sustainable.

  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Candle making.
  • Laundry that also does laundry for the public.
  • Catering and kitchen. We bake cookies and rusks every day, always have homemade frozen pies and quiche in stock. We also have a hall for functions where we do the catering for functions, conferences etc.
  • “Budflaps” where we use old tyres to make protective gear that we sell to the mines
  • They take care of the gardens at the centre and the residences.
  • Cultural development where the clients learn about music, culture and some get weekly guitar lessons
  • Academic program where they learn to read and write and do basic maths. This is presented in Afrikaans and in English.